College Uniform

Student can only enter the college premises in complete uniform during the regular classes as well as at the time of receiving roll no slips from the college.

Science students are required to wear overalls during the practical exams.

Students are allowed to wear simple black accessories.

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IDENTITY CARD (No ID no entry)

The college ID card is an integral part of the uniform and it must be worn during college hours. Defaulters will be fined


Bus cards are issued after the submission of bus fee and are mandatory for boarding the bus.


Students are not allowed to bring any valuables including cell phones, jewellery, digital cameras or electronic gadgets. If found the said items will be confiscated and will be returned on the request of parents on payment of fine amounting to rupees 1000. In case this act is reiterated the students shall be fined Rs 2000 and Rs 3000 respectively.

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