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  • A students must have attended 80% of the total lectures delivered in each subject to appear in Board/University Examination, failing which her name will not be forwarded for the public examination.
  • A student who remains absent from the class for fifteen days in a month without any intimation will be automatically dropped from the college rolls.
  • Two leaves per month will be granted in case any need arises.
  • Students absenting themselves from any class/lecture, practical will be fined Rs 5 per lecture.
  • Students are required to attend the classes till the last formal date as announced by the college authorities.
  • Fine will be imposed on self- preparation leaves before the exams.
  • Fine upto Rs 50 will be imposed by the college administration on the students absenting themselves from the college examination and for bunking the classes.


  • In case of illness, medical leave maximum 20 days , can be obtained after getting written approval from the principal/vice principal.
  • Application for medical leave must be accompanied by a genuine medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner or government hospital


  • The students are not allowed to bring eatables in the classrooms.
  • The students are required to leave the stuff related to cafeteria in its adjacent areas.
  • If a student is caught throwing the trash outside the trash bins will be punished and fined.
  • If a student's involvement in the act of graffiti and wall chalking (writing obscene remarks on college property) is proved, she will be rusticated.