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Open Merit Quota

If any seat(s) against any quota are not fully utilized due to non-availability of eligible candidates, the same will stand transferred to the Open Merit Quota. However, proper documentation of transfer of each seat shall be made for verification initially by the Director concerned, to be consented finally by the Director General.

  • Students qualifying from model institutions where there are no College classes at present will be treated as bonafide students in other Model Colleges where they are desirous to seek admission.
  • No casual admission will be made.
  • Admission shall be made only once in an academic year on dates fixed by the college/FDE after the declaration of result by the Examination Board.
  • Students placed in compartment in SSC / HSSC Examination will compete for admission after clearing the subject(s) in the same year within the prescribed time limit fixed by Board / University subject to availability of seats in the institutions or next year as a fresh candidate.
  • Candidates who seek admission after a gap of one or more years will have to submit an affidavit of good conduct duly verified by Head of the institution last attended. Reason of the gap should also be clearly stated in the affidavit. Merit of such candidates will be determined after deducting five (5) marks for each year of the gap from the total marks obtained by them.
  • The number of seats will be determined by the institutions in each faculty after careful consideration of physical facilities and the number of teachers available. However, the numbers will be finalized by the Federal Directorate in consultation with heads of institutions before the commencement of academic session.
  • Students who have passed Senior Cambridge, GCE OLevel / A- Level examination / Diploma from Polytechnic will be eligible for admission. Their merit will be determined on the percentage of marks obtained in their respective examinations and equivalence shall be determined by Inter Board Committee of Chairman, Islamabad / Quaid-e-Azam University whichever is applicable. A certificate to this effect is a pre-requisite for admission at the level concerned
  • All foreign students are required to route their application for admission through the Ministry of Education.
  • Migration cases eligible for admission as per policy will be entertained by institutions where seats are available provided that the merit in the desired discipline of the institution is not compromised. No local migration will be allowed. However the relaxation in rules may be permitted by the competent authority i.e. Director General, Federal Directorate of Education.
  • Twenty ( 20) marks will be added in the merit of a Hafize- Quran for admission at all levels, provided the candidate produces a certificate of successful completion of the course from a registered / recognized institution.
  • Notice for calling the applications for admission would be advertised by the Federal Directorate of Education, Islamabad.
  • Every successful applicant will submit an affidavit on legal stamp paper solemnly assuring the Principal that he/she will refrain from participating in politics or in any subversive activity during the time she is on the College rolls. Her parent / guardian will endorse this undertaking, and further undertake that his/her ward would be liable for removal from the College rolls if she participates in politics, or does not abide by the rules of the College.
  • In case any person other than father / mother or both of the candidate is allowed to be declared guardian only when the parents are not alive or staying abroad, and a proper affidavit / Guardianship Certificate will have to be submitted.
  • Students are expected to exercise their choice of subjects with due consideration as change will not ordinarily be allowed to the option once exercised. However in case of extreme hardship, permitting change of subjects may be allowed within maximum of two weeks after commencement of classes subject to availability of seats. The change, of course, will be subject to the condition that a candidate admitted in group of lower merit does not opt for a group of higher merit.
  • The last date for admission fixed by the Federal Directorate of Education shall be strictly adhered to. In case Principals are in need of filling the vacant seats after expiry of the stipulated admission date they will seek formal permission from the Federal Directorate of Education.
  • Attendance criteria prescribed by the Federal Board and the Quaid-e-Azam University will be strictly adhered. The Principals will ensure that transparent, regular, unambiguous record of daily attendance is maintained, at all times, on accountable roll call registers.