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The college gives the following awards to students showing outstanding performance in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Public Examination

Internal Evaluation: Academic prizes are awarded in individual subjects and for overall best performance. Students are required to fulfill the following criteria to qualify for an award.

  • To secure 60% or above marks in the subject and should be the highest scorer in all the sections of the class.
  • To appear in and pass all other subjects in the class tests/send ups/pre-board / pre-university examination.

Prizes for Co-curricular Activities

Prizes are awarded in the following fields on the basis of extra-ordinary performance in co-curricular activities at various Inter-class and Inter-collegiate competitions over a period of two years.

  • Qirat / Naat
  • Debates / Declamation
  • Singing
  • Dramatics
  • Painting / Computer Painting
  • Athletics
  • Flower arrangement / Cookery

Criteria for the Best Student

Passed all subjects and attained satisfactory academic progress.

  • Has sound moral character.
  • Participated and won prizes in co-curricular activities
  • Showed regularity and punctuality.
  • Displayed excellence in the performance of other college duties.
  • A participant found guilty of misconduct according to the Discipline and General Rules shall not qualify for an award / any post of honor in the college.


1. Cash awards are awarded to the students of all classes who have secured top positions in the internal examinations conducted by the college.

2. Merit Scholarships

Sessions No. of Students
2009 - 2011 20
2010 – 2012 27
2012 – 2014 44
2015 - 2016 19
2017 – 2018 52
2018 – 2019 56


MORA (Zakat - Usher) Scholarship for Deserving Students